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QI Token – Limitless Digital Assets with Bitcoin Foundation

Qi Token is the world’s first digital token that built on Bitcoin foundation and have a definitude ICO ecosystem at the same time. Present in Angel Investment and highly supported by Angel Investors as this project is blooming.
Qi is a platform using the latest 4.0 blockchain technology, achieving cross-chain encryption exchange and payment, optimizing smart arbitrage engine for investors to ensure their profit gained at the same time.
Qi Token will officially registered ICO in Free-trade zone, Labuan. At the same time, Qi Token will also registered as Foundation in Malaysia.

Qi Token Features

-Stable investment mode

-Computable Risk

-Double profit and wealth

-Guaranteed wealth

-Community support

Qi token Mobile Application

Statistics of currencies on all your devices

In Qi mobile app, you can have a glance on the updates of all the currencies. Be it is USDT, Bitcoin, or Qi Token, you can easily manage the values change and have your decision making in a second.

With our professional algorithms engineer, this mobile application can ensure your transactions, exchanges, and investment environment safe and secure. Giving you a worry-free environment within a mobile app.


Life in the digital World

Blockchain Technology

Easy access into BTC world

With QI Mining machines technology, you can easily access into Bitcoin world and get benefits from it.

Over 10x passive/active Income

Every decisions you made in QI, it will decuple the effects.

QI token - unlimited value

With unlimited value beneficial from QI token, you will surprise on the achievement you can get within it.

Multiple strategies

Strategies such as multiple repurchase will also provided by QI World, increasing your benefits through this mining technology.


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QI Token

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